ezBugTracker is an easy to use bug tracker that is designed to help quality assurance and programmers keep track of reported software bugs in their work.

Having a bug tracking system is extremely valuable in software development, and they are used extensively by companies developing software products. Consistent use of a bug or issue tracking system is considered one of the "hallmarks of a good software team".

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ezBugTracker Features

  • Supports multiple projects.
  • Each project can be assigned a default user that newly created tasks will be assigned to.
  • Generated graphs showing activity on each project.
  • Notification emailed to assigned user when ownership changes.
  • Powerful filters that allow the user to see a custom view of their assigned tasks.
Work Packages
  • Tasks can be grouped into a Work Package and tracked.
  • Work Packages can contain tasks from multiple projects.
  • Named users can be administrators, external customer, or an internal user.
  • User can be limited to only be able to add/view tasks for certain projects.
  • User Login activity is tracked and can be monitored.
  • Custom interface allowing remote users to view tasks.

Personal Task List

ezBT provides a detailed list of tasks that have been assigned to each user and provides the ability to filter the tasks in many powerful ways.

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Work Packages

Tasks can be group and organized using work packages. Each work package can represent a release or a sprint.

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